The dreaded hunt for stock photos is finally over

Unlimited access to over 1,000 teacher stock photos to support your resources, social media posts, blogs, launches, courses, memberships and more.

The constant search for photos is exhausting

You’re in good company, friend. You’d love to have eye-catching photos as much as
the next pal, but the never-ending search for photos is chipping away at your soul.
As a member you’ll have access to the TSS library of over 1,000 teacher stock photos.
Download a single photo OR an entire collection. The best part?
There are no pesky download limits. Go crazy!

After hours of searching sus sites, you’re left with ‘just okay’ images.

You wade through endless pages of low-resolution, watermarked images, feeling your energy
and inspiration ebb away with each click. After hours, and many cups of coffee, you feel like
Picasso-piecing together, what you can only describe as a masterpiece. And yet, even then, you’re left
with “just good enough” images that aren’t a true representation of your brand.

*Sigh* The struggle is real.

As a member of The Sidekick Studio, you’ll have access to professionally
styled and Sidekick Teacher Approved stock photos. Without breaking a sweat.

You’re worried about using images from different places and unknowingly infringing on copyright terms.

Understandable. We aren’t fans of that either.
With Sidekick Studio, we make it crystal clear how you can use our photos without the mind-boggling
legal jargon. And if you have any concerns, just send us an email and we’ll help you out asap!

The good news? With TSS in your back pocket, you’ll have an endless supply of teacher stock photos at your fingertips.

Over 1,000 High Quality Teacher Stock Photos

Say goodbye to hours spent hunting for the right stock photos that are just ‘good enough’


Get access to a library of evergreen, high quality, teacher specific photos

One-Stop-Shop for Cohesive Visuals

Save time and energy by having cohesive, branded visuals for your social media, launches, courses/membership and more

Use for Personal or Commercial Use

Feel confident that you’re using images that are legally and ethically sound with our TSS membership license

Say hello to your new biz sidekick

The Sidekick Studio Club

Unlimited access to over 1,000 teacher stock photos to support your resources,
social media posts, blogs, launches, courses, memberships and more.

Over 1,000 photos available for immediate download

Download a single photo or a complete set. You’ll find collections ranging
from back to school to holidays to our raved-about bulletin boards.

We also love collaborating with our members.
You’ll find that many of our collections are member-suggested.

A Customizable Library of Digital Templates

Use our plug & play templates to support your social media, blogs,
podcasts, webinars, courses, memberships and more.

Teacher Stock Photos

a look inside

  • Photos for Any Occasion
  • Niche Specific Photos
  • Simple Brights
  • Desk & Laptop Mockups
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Clipboards

Digital Templates

a look inside
  • Canva Pinterest Pins
  • Virtual Classroom Pieces
  • Social Media Templates
  • Printable Classroom Decor
  • Mobile Lightroom Presets
  • TPT Product Covers

Member Perks

a look inside
  • Make Requests
  • Member-Featured Collaborations
  • TSS Affiliate Opportunity

TSS is not just a membership, it’s a vibe.

And the dreaded teacher stock photo search just got fun.

Words from our
Lovely Members

“I was always hunting on a million different websites for stock photos, but it was a nightmare because none were specific to teacher resource creators and there definitely weren’t sets. I was always doing crazy things to pictures to try and make them look branded and cohesive.

Now, I never have to worry about finding the perfect photo for any of my social media posts, workshops, works books, and launches. I literally just go into the membership and grab a set and all my marketing looks cohesive and beautiful.

The Sidekick Studio has basically changed my life. I use the stock photos in literally everything. I have a membership that needs so many photos for covers and resources and I have endless options in the membership. I used to DREAD trying to find pictures but now it’s my favorite thing to do.”

Martina Cahill, The Hungry Teacher

LOVE all of your work!
It makes my job in creating social media content, covers, blog images, etc. so much easier! You have saved me hours upon hours of searching and hunting for pictures that have the right look and feel for education.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Amy Hughes, Teaching in Blue Jeans

“I spent a lot of time on Canva and other stock image sites finding “okay” or “good enough” images to use. Since joining TSS, the experience has been amazing! I use TSS images for my IG mockups, blog post images, product previews, and even when making slide decks for my webinar and course!”

Rachel Davis
Bright Futures Counseling

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This membership is best suited for teacher coaches, consultants and sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a TSS Membership license cover?

Your purchase includes a non-exclusive, limited use license.

There is no expiration date on your rights to use the images you have downloaded.

  • You may use these for personal, commercial, or editorial purposes online or in print in any way that is not restricted (see RESTRICTED USES below).
  • You may upload images to your website, blog, or social media platforms / schedulers for your own business use.
  • You may use the images in digital products such as courses, workbooks, ebooks, and other pdfs or downloads where the primary value of the end-product is the content, not the design.
  • You may crop, rotate, flip, and/or resize the images. You may overlay text, screenshots, designs, or your product photos. You may add color or filter overlays, but please do not otherwise alter, edit or manipulate the images.
What plans are available?

We offer quarterly and annual pricing plans only.

I’m a complete newbie is this teacher business owner world, will this work for me?

100%. The TSS membership was built for teacher sellers, teacher mentors and teacher consultants at any phase in their business. If you support teacher sellers, this membership will definitely work for you too!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. However, no refunds are available for the amount of unused time.

If I leave the membership, what happens to my photos?

You may download from the site as long as your membership is active. You have lifetime access to any content you download.

Which membership is right for you?

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