Custom Product Photo Shoot


Are you searching for the perfect visuals to complement your teaching materials? Look no further! Our Custom Product Photo Shoot offers a unique and personalized solution to showcase your products in a captivating and professional manner. With this service, you have control over the types of props and elements featured in the photos, ensuring they align perfectly with your educational objectives.

This package is to feature 3-4 products (mailed in items or emailed to be printed by us) with up to 5 photos of each product. Please select an available week here and let us know when to shoot your photos in the Order Notes section at checkout!

Key Features:
1. Customized Visuals: We understand that every teacher’s resources are unique, and that’s why we offer custom shoots tailored to your specific needs. You can specify the style, colors, and type of props you desire, allowing us to create visuals that perfectly reflect your teaching materials’ purpose.
2. Flatlay Photography: Our skilled photographers specialize in capturing stunning flatlay compositions. This popular style presents your resources from a top-down perspective, providing a clean and visually appealing look that is ideal for worksheets, lesson plans, digital downloads, and more.
3. Prop Customization: We believe that props play a crucial role in enhancing the visual impact of your teaching resources. You can choose from our extensive prop catalog or provide your own items to ensure the photos align with your specific subject matter and teaching style. From stationery and school supplies to manipulatives and seasonal elements, the choice is yours!
4. High-Quality Images: We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional image quality. Our photographers use professional-grade equipment and lighting techniques to capture sharp, detailed, and vibrant images that will make your resources pop.
5. Licensing and Usage Rights: We offer exclusive usage rights, giving you full control over how and where the images are used.
6. Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of timely delivery. Our team works efficiently to provide you with the finished images within the agreed-upon custom shoot week, ensuring you can meet your project deadlines without any hassle. Here are the available weeks we have for custom shoots.

Elevate your teaching resources to the next level with our Custom Stock Photo Shoots. Let us bring your vision to life by creating stunning visuals that will engage and inspire your target customer.

Note: As the photos will feature flatlays without models (unless you would like student-age hands included, please specify in the Order Notes section at checkout), they are particularly suited for showcasing worksheets, stationery, digital resources, manipulatives, and other classroom materials. You may email us items to print and use for the shoot, and/or mail products or props that you would like included (that shipping and any return shipping are not included in this service).

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